Chandeliers A Perfect Touch To Finish Off Your Home


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Chandeliers A Perfect Touch To Finish Off Your Home

Chandeliers - A Perfect Touch to Finish Off Your Home

Looking in an empty room and thinking how bare it looks? All you need is a finishing touch and what is best than using the perfect chandelier. There are many different types of houses with rooms that have different characteristics, so here is a step-by-step guide on how to choose the perfect chandelier for your room.

First thing you should ask yourself is what type of chandelier you are looking for. You have to choose between, Ultra Modern, Modern, classical, semi-classic, antique. Take note of what you aim to put in the room, furniture, paintings, curtains and ornaments this will also help in determining the style of the chandelier.

The size of the room is the next thing which you should take into consideration. The larger the room the bigger the chandelier, if you have more than one point, you can adapt the shape and size to the quantity needed. A small example is that in large halls such as wedding halls or hotels huge chandeliers with many lights are used to fill up the area and make it look more elegant. In smaller rooms such as living rooms or bedrooms which are not of a large-scale smaller chandeliers tend to be used.

Next consider the material. When thinking of chandeliers the first thing that comes to mind is crystals but this is not necessarily true. Again depending on the style of the room you must choose the chandelier. Whilst for classic and semi classic rooms, crystal chandeliers are the most popular, in modern and ultra modern glass or stainless steel is mostly recommended. In the more antique rooms which are found in house of characters or farmhouses, wrought iron and gold chandeliers can be adapted. Although there is no specific rules in adapting chandeliers in the home obtaining the right chandelier will help complete the room.

Always check out the type of light the chandelier is giving, although people are searching for the more energy saving lights these do not always look appealing to the eye. If it is a bedroom or dining room it is not as important to use energy savers as these rooms are not used as frequently as the kitchen. For example a modern chandelier would normally have small halogen bulbs as it is more likely to be made of glass and look a little dainty, so using energy savers would lose the overall eye appeal on the chandelier. Nowadays there are different types of light bulbs which can be used so find the right bulb to fit the chandelier. You do not want to spend all that money then ruin it with the bulbs.

Now decide on the shape, whilst the material and size are important you must also consider the shape, over long tables you can use a four or five in a line hanging chandelier, this will not only cover the length of the table but will sit elegantly making it look neat. Whether your room is square or round, you can use chandeliers which are slightly larger and are rounded in shape. The candle shaped chandeliers are the most looked for in these types of room especially if it is based on a more classical style.

Prices of chandeliers vary depending on design, quantity of lights, type of lights (led's, halogens, energy savers). There are some designer chandeliers which will be more expensive but many retailers have good prices with great designs and ideas. You can buy chandeliers from local light shops, most of them have on hand catalogues which you can order from if not available in stock, or try and find some improved deals online or at auctions.

You do not need a designer to tell you which chandelier to put in your own home, once you establish the type of chandelier you are looking for the rest should be easy. Remember you don't buy this stuff every day so it is important to make the right decision.

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Chandeliers A Perfect Touch To Finish Off Your Home